List of Effective Dangerous Goods Advisory Circular (DGAC)

DGAC No. Content Status
2/2024 Dangerous Goods in Passengers’ Baggage PDF (PDF:166KB) Effective
1/2024 Undeclared / Mis-declared Lithium Batteries and Damaged Portable Electronic Devices PDF (PDF:100KB) Effective
3/2023 Handling of Lithium Battery Shipments PDF (PDF:308KB) Effective
2/2023 Requirements on Packages of Lithium Ion or Metal Batteries Prepared in accordance with Section II of Packing Instructions 966, 967, 969 and 970 PDF (PDF:117KB) Effective
1/2023 Approved Dangerous Goods Training Programmes for Air Transport PDF (PDF:123KB) Effective
2/2022 Application for Competency-based Dangerous Goods Training Programmes Approval (for Training Organizations or Employers Establishing Dangerous Goods Training Programme for Their Own Employees) PDF (PDF:104KB)

Attachment I - Guidance on Adopting Competency-based Approach to Dangerous Goods Training and Assessment PDF (PDF:837KB)

  1. Templates for Summary of Design Output Word Document (Word:48KB)

Attachment II - Proforma for Report on Dangerous Goods Training Programme Excel document (Excel:35KB)

Related Frequently Asked Questions PDF (PDF:234KB)
1/2022 Introduction to Competency-based Approach to Dangerous Goods Training and Assessment (CBTA) (for Employers) PDF (PDF:136KB)

Attachment I - Proposed Framework for Implementation of Competency-based Approach to Dangerous Goods Training and Assessment in Hong Kong PDF (PDF:263KB)

Attachment II - Dangerous Goods Training Needs Analysis Form Templates

  1. For Staff Members of Shippers, Freight Forwarders & Sub-Contractors Word Document (Word:38KB)
  2. For Staff Members of Aircraft Operators & Handling Agents Word Document (Word:30KB)

Attachment III - Dangerous Goods Training and Assessment Record Template Word Document (Word:36KB)

Related Frequently Asked Questions PDF (PDF:234KB)
1/2020 Undeclared lithium batteries and other dangerous goods PDF (PDF: 303KB) Effective
1/2019 Permission to carry Dangerous Goods and Munitions of War by Air PDF (PDF: 1534KB)
3/2018 Implementation of Enhanced Control, Surveillance and Inspection Measures for Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (with Addendum No. 1) PDF (PDF: 257KB)

Related Frequently Asked Questions PDF (PDF: 266KB)
2/2018 Handling of Lithium Batteries Shipments PDF (PDF: 51.1KB) Effective
4/2017 Prevention of Undeclared Dangerous Goods in Air Cargo PDF (PDF: 49.5KB) Effective
3/2017 Chemical Substances for Air Transport PDF (PDF: 103KB) Effective
2/2017 Dangerous Goods in E-Commerce Shipment PDF (PDF: 105KB) Effective
1/2017 Prevention of Undeclared Lithium Batteries Shipment PDF (PDF: 70KB) Effective
2/2016 Prohibition of Transport of Lithium Batteries as Cargo on Passenger Aircraft  PDF (PDF: 12KB) Effective
1/2016 Changes to Packing Instructions 965 and 968 for Lithium Cells and Batteries  PDF (PDF: 48KB) Effective
5/2015 Lithium batteries incidents  PDF (PDF: 73KB) Effective
3/2015 Accepting Chemical Substances for Air Transport  PDF (PDF: 46KB) Effective
1/2015 Lithium Ion Batteries Pack and Lithium Ion Polymer Batteries Pack for Electronic Equipment including Radio Controlled Model Aircraft PDF (PDF: 45KB) Effective
2/2014 Prevention of Undeclared Lithium Batteries Shipment in Consolidated Consignments PDF (PDF: 66KB) Effective
1/2014 Prevention of Undeclared Lithium Batteries Shipment PDF (PDF: 42KB) Effective
1/2013 Lithium Batteries Incidents PDF (PDF: 84KB) Effective
4/2012 New Requirements on Shipping Lithium Batteries PDF (PDF: 46KB) Effective
3/2012 Undeclared Mercury PDF (PDF: 46KB) Effective
2/2012 Safe Transport of Lithium Batteries PDF (PDF: 254KB) Effective
5/2010 Lithium Batteries in Passengers' Baggage PDF (PDF: 42KB) Effective
4/2010 Suspected Use of False Document PDF (PDF: 41KB) Effective
2/2007 Injury of Ground Personnel and Damage to Aircraft by Undeclared Corrosive i.e. Class 8 Dangerous Goods (DG) PDF (PDF: 74KB) Effective
1/2005 Potential Hazard of Magnetized Material (UN2807) PDF (PDF: 46KB) Effective
3/2004 Steel Drums with UN Marking UN1A1/X1.3/250/04/CN/330710 PDF (PDF: 236KB) Effective

For more information, please contact Safety Officer (Dangerous Goods) on telephone no. (852) 2910 6856, 2910 6857 or 2910 6855.

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