Application for Registration as Validated Known Consignor

The Known Consignor (KC) Validation Scheme is now open for application. Hong Kong-based consignors which originates air cargo (i.e. produces / manufactures, or assembles goods for transport by air) in a secure facility within Hong Kong can now submit the application form to CAD for application as a validated KC.

The KC application form can be downloaded from the link below:

Application for Registration as Validated Known Consignor

After completion please return the form together with all the documents as required in the form to Airport Standards Division (Aviation Security Section), Civil Aviation Department either:

  1. by post to Level 5, Office Building, Civil Aviation Department Headquarters, 1 Tung Fai Road, Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong SAR
  2. by fax to 2362 4257, or
  3. by e-mail to

Duly completed application form together with all the supporting documents will form the Known Consignor Security Programme (KCSP). The CAD will conduct on-site inspection(s) to validate the facility against the information, procedures and security measures as contained in the applicant’s KCSP. Additional documents and/or modifications of documents may be required. If the results of the inspections and document reviews are satisfactory, the applicant will be validated as KC.

It is not necessary for the applicant to submit the training certificates of the two Nominated Persons (NP) of the KC training programme by the time of application. The documents/ information can be submitted during or before the on-site inspection to be conducted by CAD.

Upon successful registration, the KC shall continuously implement the practices and procedures set out in its Security Programme and the Handling Procedures for KC, which is available at the link below.

Handling Procedures for KC

For any enquiries, please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).