Safety Requirements Document and Relevant Guidelines

Under the SUA Order, small unmanned aircraft (“SUA”) operations will be regulated under a risk-based approach and be classified according to the weight of the SUA and the operational risk level. Operations of different risk levels will be subject to the corresponding regulatory requirements. These requirements may include registration and labelling of SUA, registration of remote pilots, training and assessment, equipment, operating requirements and insurance.

To ensure aviation and public safety, all SUA should be equipped and operated in compliance with the requirements of the SUA Order. With the diversified SUA types and applications, the CAD understands that there may be special circumstances where there are unavoidable practical and operational difficulties in fully complying with certain operating parameters. To strike a balance between protecting public safety and facilitating the development of SUA, flexibility has been built in the SUA Order to cater for different types of SUA operations and the rapid development of SUA.

Due to the higher risks involved, operations that are classified as “Advanced Operations” shall be conducted with prior permission from the CAD in accordance with the SUA Order. Additional safety requirements may apply to safeguard aviation and public safety. A streamlined permission application process is implemented to facilitate the industry. This includes, inter alia, the publication of detailed advisory guidelines for reference by the industry, and also for experienced SUA operators, the application for a longer term permission covering various types of advanced operations is possible allowing flexibility in the planning of their operations.

Publications and Downloads

To facilitate the industry to perform SUA operations while ensuring aviation and public safety, the CAD has published a series of guidance materials. These include the Safety Requirements Document (“SRD”) published pursuant to section 63 of the SUA Order, as well as a number of advisory circulars to provide guidance on safe operation of SUA operations and compliance of requirements under the SUA Order.

These publications should be read in conjunction with the SUA Order and the relevant Gazette Notice(s); and are subject to review and update from time to time. Please visit this website regularly for the latest updates of the publications.

Publication No. Subject Download
SRD Safety Requirements Document for Small Unmanned Aircraft Operations Safety_Requirements_Document.pdf PDF (PDF: 818KB)
AC-001 Current List of Publications related to Small Unmanned Aircraft AC-001_E.pdf PDF (PDF: 90KB)
AC-002 Permission for Conducting Small Unmanned Aircraft Advanced Operations AC-002_E.pdf PDF (PDF: 248KB)
Advanced Operations Permission (AOP) Application Form PDF (PDF: 278KB)
AOP Renewal Application Form PDF (PDF: 239KB)
AOP Variation Application Form PDF (PDF: 262KB)
Sample Operations Manual Word Document (Word: 142KB)
AC-003 Permission for Small Unmanned Aircraft Night Operations AC-003_E.pdf PDF (PDF: 285KB)
Appendix A Word document (PDF: 63.8KB)
AC-004 Permission for Small Unmanned Aircraft Extended Visual Line of Sight Operations AC-004_E.pdf PDF (PDF: 242KB)
AC-005 Guidelines for Building Survey/ Inspection Operations using Small Unmanned Aircraft AC-005_E.pdf PDF (PDF: 316KB)
AC-006 Guidelines for Aerial Survey or Aerial Photography Operations using Small Unmanned Aircraft AC-006_E.pdf PDF (PDF: 326KB)
AC-007 Permission for Heavy Small Unmanned Aircraft Operations AC-007_E.pdf PDF (PDF: 192KB)
AC-008 Guidelines for Small Unmanned Aircraft Operations within Enclosed Area AC-008_E.pdf PDF (PDF: 219KB)
AC-009 Guidelines for Small Unmanned Aircraft Operations within School Premises AC-009_E.pdf PDF (PDF: 220KB)
AC-010 Guidelines and Permission for Drone Show Event AC-010.pdf PDF (PDF: 449KB)
Application Form PDF (PDF: 815KB)
AC-011 Guidelines and Permission for Drone Racing Event AC-011.pdf PDF (PDF: 285KB)
Application Form PDF (PDF: 719KB)
AC-012 Operations of Model Aircraft under the Small Unmanned Aircraft Order AC-012.pdf PDF (PDF: 389KB)

Gazette Notice

Government Notice Number Subject
G.N. 1276 Specification of Parameters for Operating Requirements
G.N. 4991
(Superseding G.N. 3305 of 2022)
Designation of Restricted Flying Zones by the Director-General of Civil Aviation
G.N. 7325
(Superseding G.N. 4992 of 2022)
Designation of Restricted Flying Zones by the Commissioner of Police
G.N. 7326
(Superseding G.N. 4993 of 2022)
Designation of Restricted Flying Zones by the Commissioner of Police
G.N. 4994
(Superseding G.N. 3306 of 2022)
Designation of Restricted Flying Zones by the Secretary for Security
G.N. 2303 Exemption Notice for Category A1 SUA