Safety Guidance on Paragliding Activities

Real-name Registration for Paragliding Activities and Equipment Labelling

To further enhance aviation safety, the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) has, through collaboration with local paragliding association(s), implemented Real-name Registration for Paragliding Activities starting from 31 October 2023. To facilitate the registration by those who intend to carry out paragliding activities in Hong Kong, the paragliding association(s) have set up dedicated registration platforms whereby paraglider pilots can register details of their qualifications and equipment. The paragliding association(s) will maintain and update the register, and provide CAD with its latest summary upon request. The paragliding association(s) will also distribute to registered pilots labels containing registration numbers to be affixed to their paragliding equipment (i.e. helmet).

The implementation of Real-name Registration for Paragliding Activities and the labelling arrangement would facilitate the identification of paraglider pilots during rescue missions and investigations, and would enable the Government and the paragliding association(s) to carry out more effective publicity and education campaigns.

Permit Application for Paragliding Activities for Hire or Reward

Participating in Paragliding Activities (Paid Services)

  • Members of the public who are interested in participating in paragliding activities (paid services) (e.g. instructional flying or tandem flying), could obtain more details from the eligible person(s) or organization(s) on the List of Permit Holders PDF (PDF: 220KB).


Operate Paraglider Safely