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Transportation Security

The objective of secure transportation of the screened cargo from the KC, RA or RACSF to a CTO at airport is to protect screened cargo against unlawful interference. In this regard, driver is required to identity himself or herself, and not to leave vehicles unattended / to make unscheduled stop (except for emergency). If it is unavoidable to leave the vehicle unattended, the security of the consignment and the integrity of seals or locks shall be checked for any sign of tampering, suspicion or evidence of unlawful interference. Further details of these requirements can be found in the KC Application Form, RA Application Form or RACSF Application Form. In processing an application for KC, RA or RACSF, CAD will consider whether the means of secure transportation as proposed by the applicant adequately protects the screened cargo and is tamper-evident.

The following is a list of methodologies of secure transportation that are accepted in principle for serving these purposes. Accepted KCs, RAs or RACSFs and applicants of the KC Validation Scheme, Regulated Agent Regime, or RACSF Scheme can contact the supplier on list directly for enquiries. The following list would be updated whenever there are changes. Please check this page from time to time for updates.
Box trucks / ULD containers (same seal and lock mechanism)
1. Box trucks equipped with numbered tamper-evident seals and locks
2. ULD container with metal door and equipped with numbered tamper-evident seals and locks*
*Remarks: Other types of ULD containers and/or other measures for securing ULD containers will be considered by CAD on case by case basis. Interested entities shall approach CAD to submit separate application.
Tamper-evident Wrapping Net
3. Cathay Pacific (CX) Secure Net
Telephone: 2607 0008/ Email: edmundlau@ips-hk.com
4. Hong Kong Secure Transportation Systems Limited (HKSTS) Smartsec Net
Telephone: 6312 6760/ Email: enquiry@hksts.com.hk
5. Gobo Trade Ltd. EasyPack Cargo Security System
Telephone: 2239 6998 / Email: inquiry@gobotrade.com

For alternative means proposed, the acceptance will be subject to a process of demonstrating the methodology by the applicant and then assessment by CAD from aviation security angle. The process involved in the assessment on new methodologies proposed for secure transportation is as follows.

Assessment processes on new methodologies proposed

When more alternatives have obtained acceptance, they will gradually be added to the above list.