Flight Prohibition Area

Flight restriction

For the purpose of avoiding noise and visual disturbance to the Hong Kong Disneyland, a Prohibition Area has been established under Air Navigation (Flight Prohibition) Order. According to this Order, no aircraft (which includes Small Unmanned Aircraft) may at any time operate within the Prohibition Area at less than 4000 feet above mean sea level except the following:

  1. aircraft flying in accordance with air traffic control instructions or published procedures, for the purpose of weather avoidance or deviation due to technical problems;
  2. aircraft of the Government Flying Service operating for the purposes of fire fighting or prevention, life-saving, casualty evacuation or police operations; or
  3. aircraft (which includes Small Unmanned Aircraft) granted specific exemption from this Order.

Note: The Prohibition Area is delineated in red in the plan numbered AN(FP)1.

Exemption from the Air Navigation (Flight Prohibition) Order

Exemption from the flight restriction can be applied from the Director-General of Civil Aviation. To obtain an application form for exemption from the flight restriction, you may write to:

Airport Standards Division
Civil Aviation Department
5/F, Office Building
Civil Aviation Department Headquarters
1 Tung Fai Road
Hong Kong International Airport
Lantau, Hong Kong

Or contact the Airport Standards Division of CAD
on telephone no. (852) 2910 6627
fax no. (852)2795 8469 or 2261 2718

Or download the application form PDF (PDF: 1621KB)

General Exemption from the Air Navigation (Flight Prohibition) Order

Balloons not exceeding 80 cm in any linear dimension are generally allowed to fly over the Flight Prohibition Area, subject to the condition specified in the General Exemption numbered ANFPOEX11/APSD/2023 PDF (PDF: 372KB).