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To Apply for a User Account of the E-filing System

The scheduled airlines, non-scheduled air operators and agents filing flight schedules on behalf of various airlines and operators can apply for a user account for the purpose of submission of applications for operations of air services to or from Hong Kong and related documents to the Air Services and Safety Management Division of the Civil Aviation Department.

To apply for a user account of the E-filing System, please complete the application form (Open with new window)and fax to (852) 2877 8542. Successful applicants will be provided with the Login ID and Password and notified by email.

For further information, please contact

Air Services and Safety Management Division
Civil Aviation Department
6/F, Office Building
Civil Aviation Department Headquarters
1 Tung Fai Road
Hong Kong International Airport
Lantau, Hong Kong
Fax: (852) 2877 8542
Tel: (852) 2910 6629
Email: asd@cad.gov.hk(Open with new window)