Air Traffic Engineering Services

The Air Traffic Engineering Services Division of the Department is responsible for the design, co-ordination, provision and maintenance of ATC systems, radar, navigational aids, communications equipment and information technology systems. The work involves:

The Air Traffic Engineering Services Division Control Tower
  1. overseeing the enhancement and maintenance of ATC facilities and organising periodic flight calibration of equipment validation;
  2. designing, planning and implementing the provision, replacement and enhancement of communications, navigation and surveillance facilities;
  3. co-ordinating with works departments for the improvement works for on-airport and off-airport equipment stations;
  4. planning, studying, conducting trials and phased implementation of the satellite-based Communications, Navigation, Surveillance/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) Systems in accordance with the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan; and
  5. planning, implementing and enhancing information technology systems and establishing the cyber security policy for ATC systems and information and communications technology systems in line with the e-government objective and ICAO requirements.