Aeromedical Matters

(a) HKCAD Policy

  1. Policy for AMA and AME on Prevention of Bribery and Conflict of Interest PDF file (PDF: 284KB)
  2. (i) CAD Medical Certification Policy on Problematic use of Psychoactive Substances (PPS) PDF file (PDF: 1591KB)

    (ii) FAQ for CAD AOD (Alcohol and Other Drugs) Policy PDF file (PDF: 133KB)

    (iii) Protocol for Certification or Recertification of Medical Certificate (MC) applicant or holder with Problematic Use of Psychoactive Substances (PPS) PDF file (PDF: 32KB)
  3. AMA Appointment/ Reappointment Guidelines PDF file (PDF: 52KB)
  4. AME Appointment/ Reappointment Guidelines PDF file (PDF: 71KB)
  5. Declaration of Conflict of Interest PDF file (PDF: 40KB)

(b) Guidance Notes for Approved Medical Examiners (AME) PDF file (PDF: 3.2MB)

(c) AIC of aeromedical importance:

  1. AIC 09/21 - Minor Illness, Prescribed Medication, OTC Medication, Herbal Remedies, Minerals, Supplements and Alcohol - Use by Licence Holdersnew PDF file (PDF: 50KB)
  2. AIC 16/16 - Visual Correction for Licence Holders PDF file (PDF: 40KB)
  3. AIC 26/17 - Revised Examination Requirement for Hong Kong Medical Certificate PDF file (PDF: 24KB)
  4. AIC 28/17 - Notification of Unfitness by Flight Crew PDF file (PDF: 51KB)
  5. AIC 16/18 - Revised Medical Report Form (DCA153) and Ophthalmology Examination Report Form [DCA153(OPH)] PDF file (PDF: 32KB)
  6. AIC 30/18 - Screening Test for Psychoactive Substances on all Initial Applicants for HKCAD Medical Certificates PDF file (PDF: 26KB)
  7. AIC 11/19 - Guidance to Flight Crew on Preventing In-Flight Incapacitation PDF file (PDF: 26KB)
  8. AIC 19/19 - Medical Certificates Issued under The Air Navigation (Hong Kong) Order 1995 PDF file (PDF: 31KB)
  9. AIC 22/19 - Notification of Unfitness by Air Traffic Controllers PDF file (PDF: 46KB)
  10. AIC 31/21 - General Advice For Medical Certificate Holders And Cabin Crew Post-Covid-19 Vaccination PDF file (PDF: 122KB)

(d) Health Promotion for Licence Holder

  1. Health Tips for being a Pilot and Air Traffic Controller PDF file (PDF: 235KB)
  2. Medication and Flying PDF file (PDF: 188KB)
  3. Obesity and Flying PDF file (PDF: 571KB)
  4. Refractive Surgery and Flying PDF file (PDF: 71.1KB)
  5. Gastroenteritis and Inflight incapacitation PDF file (PDF: 170KB)
  6. Post COVID-19 and fitness to fly PDF file (PDF: 192KB)
  7. Cannabidiol (CBD), urine testing and flying PDF file (PDF: 183KB)

(e) Electronic DCA 153

  1. Introduction of Electronic DCA 153 Form Guide for Form Users PDF file (PDF: 250KB)

To obtain the list of Hong Kong CAD Approved Medical Examiners (AME), please send your request to Personnel Licensing Office at