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Aerodrome Licence

An Aerodrome Licence is a licence granted to an airport operator in Hong Kong to operate an aerodrome other than government aerodrome for the purpose of public transport of passengers or instruction in flying or carrying out flying test for pilot licensing purpose. Under Article 73 of the AN(HK)O 1995, the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has been delegated the power and responsibility for the grant of aerodrome licence.

In accordance with Article 73 of the AN(HK)O 1995, DGCA will issue a licence to the applicant when he is satisfied that:
  1. the applicant is competent, having regard to his previous conduct and experience, organisation, staffing, equipment provision, maintenance and other arrangements, to ensure that the aerodrome is safe for use by aircraft;
  2. the aerodrome is safe for use by aircraft, having regard in particular to the physical characteristics of the aerodrome and its surroundings; and
  3. an aerodrome manual adequately containing all information and instructions necessary to enable the operating staff to perform their duties has been submitted.
This involves CAD's assessment of the applicant's compliance with the requirements laid down in the Aerodrome Licensing Requirements Document (ALRD) issued by CAD. These requirements are based on the standards and recommended practices and guidance material promulgated by the International Civil Aviation Organization. A licence will be issued if the results of the assessments are satisfactory.

The Aerodrome Licence will be granted for a period of one year but other periods of validity may be specified at the discretion of the DGCA. Application for renewal of licence shall be made to the DGCA prior to the licence expiry date.