Operating Requirements

The key operating requirements for different categories of operations under the SUA Order –

Requirements Standard Operations
Cat. A1

Category A1 under exemption 1

Cat. A2

Time of operations Daylight only
Maintain full-time visual line of sight required Required
Maximum flying altitude
[Above Ground Level (AGL)]
100 ft 300 ft
Minimum lateral separation from uninvolved people / structures / vehicles / vessels 10 m 10 m 30 m
Maximum speed 20 km/hr 20 km/hr 50 km/hr
Maximum number of SUA to be operated by a remote pilot at the same time 1
Maximum dimensions of SUA 1 m, except that the longest distance between any two rotor blade tips can be up to 1.2 m
Carriage of person or animal Not allowed
Nothing to be dropped from SUA Unless with permission

For details please refer to Safety Requirements Document for Small Unmanned Aircraft Operations PDF(PDF: 818KB).

1. Exemption Notice for Category A1 SUA