Accident Investigation Division

The Accident Investigation Division is responsible for the investigation of aircraft accidents / serious incidents as required by the Civil Aviation (Investigation of Accidents) Regulations. The fundamental purpose of an investigation shall be to determine the circumstances and causes of the aircraft accident / serious incident with a view to the preservation of life and the avoidance of accidents / serious incidents in the future. It is not the purpose of an investigation to apportion blame or liability.


Notification of an aircraft accident / serious incident

Notification of an aircraft accident / serious incident should be made to Accident Investigation Division via the following:-

Tel: (852) 2910 6821 (24 hours)
Fax:(852) 2910 1178 (24 hours)

Email: with new window)

Aircraft Accident / Incident Reporting Form (DCA233)

Voluntary Incident Reporting

The Voluntary Incident Reporting System is to capture occurrences other than accidents and serious incidents. This System allows the Accident Investigation Division to collect as much incident data as possible to perform meaningful analysis in order to fulfill the purpose of promoting accident prevention and enhancing aviation safety. It is operated in a non-punitive environment and the source of information will not be disclosed unless required to do so by law, or the person concerned authorised the disclosure. Please refer to Accident Investigaiton Bulletin No. 1/09 for details of the Voluntary Incident Reporting System.

Voluntary Incident Reporting Form (DCA234)

Accident Investigation Bulletins