Welcome to the Aviation Education Path

The objective of incorporating the Aviation Education Path facilities at the Civil Aviation Department Headquarters is to promote the interest and knowledge of the general public in aviation, particularly that of the younger generation. In the Aviation Education Path you will see a variety of themed exhibits, including :

  • The history and latest aviation development in Hong Kong
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Civil Aviation Department
  • How safety and operational efficiency is achieved in aviation
  • The worldwide air transport network
  • Importance of global cooperation in aviation

Visit the Aviation Education Path

Visiting the CAD Aviation Education Path is free of charge. Two guided tours are available for booking daily at the following time slots:

Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
10am to 11:30 am and 2 pm to 3:30 pm

Application Method and Points to Note

  • Each guided tour will be led by a tour guide.
  • Reservation for individual applicants (the maximum number of participants for each individual application is 10 persons, including the applicant) should be made at least two working days in advance by calling our Public Relations Office at 2910 6352.
  • For group applicants (maximum 29 participants for each guided tour), please submit the application at least two working days prior to the preferred date of visit by the following means:

    1. Submitting the E-form here.
    2. Completing the Application Form here and fax it to 2234 9431 or email to enquiry@cad.gov.hk.

  • For any change in the number of participants, the applicant must make such request through our enquiry hotline (2910 6352) or email (enquiry@cad.gov.hk) at least two working days before the date of visit. The CAD's confirmation is required for all applications for change in the number of participants to become effective. Due to limitation on the number of participants for each guided tour, acceptance for change in the number of participants is subject to the final decision of the CAD.
  • All participants (except for participants who are aged 12 or below and accompanied by an adult or aged 65 or above and those with disabilities that render difficulties in using the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application) are required to bring with them a smartphone having installed the “LeaveHomeSafe” mobile application throughout the visit and are required to scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code before they enter the CAD Aviation Education Path.
  • All participants are required to fulfill the prevailing Vaccine Pass requirements on COVID-19 vaccine(s) unless he/she is aged below 5 or holding a valid medical certificate stating that he/she is unfit, on medical ground, to be administered with a COVID-19 vaccine. For details of the Vaccine Pass requirements, please visit the COVID-19 Thematic Website. The CAD will check the vaccination records of the participants at the assembly point. Once it is found that the prevailing Vaccine Pass requirements cannot be fulfilled, the right of visit of the participants will be cancelled and the CAD will not arrange any make-up tours or make any special arrangement.
  • All participants are required to check their body temperature before admission (those with signs of fever or other symptoms will not be admitted), use hand sanitizer, wear their own masks and comply with all the anti-epidemic measures of COVID-19 set out by the Government. Eating and drinking (except drinking water and taking medicine) is not allowed in the CAD Aviation Education Path. Please keep appropriate social distancing during the visit.

Explore the Aviation Education Path

Come visit us at the Aviation Education Path and join us in the Immersed Flight Simulation, where you can experience a virtual landing at the Hong Kong International Airport from the pilot seat of a modern jetliner.

Immersed Flight Simulation Digital Tower facilities First-generation Air Traffic Management System

Interactive Tour

First-generation Air Traffic Management System




Inclement Weather Arrangement

The Education Path will be closed whenever the following weather warning(s) is(are) issued by the Hong Kong Observatory:

  • Tropical Cyclone Pre-No. 8 Special Announcement; or
  • Black Rainstorm Warning Signal.


CAD Headquarters
1 Tung Fai Road
Hong Kong International Airport
Lantau, Hong Kong

Location Map

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Location Map