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Important Dates

Please observe the following important "no later than (NLT)" dates:

Important “no later than (NLT)” dates: Events:
16 Feb 2015 (Monday) Submit your organisation’s point of contact to FAA and HKCAD
(extension for some of you from 16 January as referenced in earlier FAA email / invitation letter)

6 March 2015 (Friday) Notify FAA if you desire a separate bilateral meeting with the FAA
(please note that we will likely schedule these meetings the day prior to the start of the main Dialogue – on Monday, 13 April 2015)

10 March 2015 (Tuesday) Submit registration forms

13 March 2015 (Friday) Nominate speakers with brief outline of proposed presentations

20 March 2015 (Friday) Submission of speaker presentations to HKCAD website
Registration of delegates

31 March 2015 (Tuesday) Make registration fee payment
Last call for registration
(Extended from 10 March 2015)

1 April 2015 (Wednesday) Submission of speaker presentations (PPT) to
Thomas.M.Miller@faa.gov with a copy to
secretariat.awo@cad.gov.hk (Extended from 20 March 2015)

13 April 2015 (Monday) Separate bilateral meeting with FAA (HKCAD HQ, Ground Floor, Room 008A)
Separate bilateral meeting with HKCAD (HKCAD HQ, Ground Floor, Room 027 (Seminar Room #2))

14-15 April 2015 (Tuesday and Wednesday) Authority only dialogue in Hong Kong (HKCAD HQ, Ground Floor, Room 008)

16 April 2015 (Thursday) Industry Day in Hong Kong (HKCAD HQ, 1st Floor, Auditorium)