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The FAA organises the "2015 FAA / Asia Pacific Bilateral Partners Dialogue" (the Dialogue) in the Asia Pacific region on an annual basis. Each authority, being the bilateral partner of the FAA takes turn to host the meeting in its respective territory each year. The Dialogue provides an arena for aviation authorities and industry partners in the field of aircraft certification to meet where the delegates can exchange ideas, share vital information, share best practices and address aviation safety issues of mutual concern.

Hong Kong has the honour of hosting the "2015 FAA / Asia Pacific Bilateral Partners Dialogue" on 14-16 April 2015. The Dialogue will be held at the CAD Headquarters and lasts for three days. The first two days are attended solely by the civil aviation authorities and the third day, known as the Industry Day, is open to aviation stakeholders, like airlines, organisations designing modifications to aircraft and organisations making aircraft parts or equipment within the territories under the jurisdiction of the bilateral partners.

The industry delegates may pose questions regarding regional aviation issues, policies, or any other issues considered during the Dialogue. The Industry Day is intended to be an interactive forum with opportunity for exchange of information and views and as such, industry representatives may volunteer to give one or two presentations.

(FAA Invitation Letter)

(HKCAD Invitation Letter)